Workshop: The Message Makeover

Create a brand that's inviting, charismatic, and relatable.

Are you fed up with not knowing what the heck to say and who the heck to say it to?

Well, get ready to package your message with style, command attention, and leave 'em begging for more!

Create a brand that's inviting, charismatic, and relatable.

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Are you fed up with not knowing what the heck to say and who the heck to say it to? Well, get ready to package your message with style, command attention, and leave 'em begging for more!

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For inbound leads of dream clients, establish your brand as one-of-a-kind.

The Message Makeover is the only intimate 6-week workshop to craft your brand’s position, personality and compelling messages so you can have the right-fit clients coming to you.

Together, in an intimate workshop with your peers, we’ll uncover your unique identity and develop a positioning strategy with messages your ideal client cares about. This is your shortcut to ask yourself the right questions and design a brand messaging strategy that will attract your ideal clients and earn their trust with your expertise.

The Message Makeover Benefits


Get clear on how you serve them and why it matters.


Work on ideal market positioning and messaging that resonates.


Infuse your new brand into your existing communications.


People are drawn to YOU, your personality, beliefs, and style.


Create a brand that’s inviting, charismatic, and relatable.


Clear, step-by-step process for building your brand’s position and messaging strategy.

What You Walk Away With

Your Value aligns your team to your client’s dream outcome. You’ll use these in your sales materials to attract them to you. 

Your Purpose guides, inspires and aligns your vision for your entire business. You can directly plunk this on your website’s About page.

Your Story establishes trust and credibility. You can create 7 talking points so you can say this to your ideal clients in less than 5 minutes.

Your Transformation will instantly provide you with credibility that you’re the best advisor for them. You’ll use this in most marketing & sales materials.

Your Messages communicate your value in a way your ideal clients can *actually* hear. You’ll use this when you need to make a first impression.

Your Presence will show the new messages on your existing materials and we’ll do this together. You’ll use this to get your team up and running so that you’re not stuck in the tactical deliverables.

The Message Makeover Program

Week 1: Creating Your Value

Defining your brand for your best-fit clients. What you do, how you do it and whom you’ll do it for. This is why your business exists beyond making money.

  • Discover what sets you apart and why your ideal clients will care.
  • The process of making who you are and what you stand for tangible so prospects pick you.

Week 2: Creating Your Purpose

Carve out your vision and understand the positioning of your brand. The space you occupy in the hearts and minds of your clients relative to your competitors.

  • The audacious vision you have and how it serves your clients.
  • How to evaluate the competition to set yourself apart.

Week 3: Creating Your Story

Showcase your ‘Why’ and your values. The secret to building an emotional connection in people’s hearts and minds – establishing trust and making you unforgettable.

  • Build your brand’s personality – showcase your voice and your persona so that you attract the right people.
  • Guidance to develop an origin story that speaks directly to your ideal client, clearly communicates your unique value, and convinces you of your mission.

Week 4: Creating Your Transformation

Have crystal clear positioning that says how you’re unique. This makes it easier to consistently create content that builds your authority.

  • Guidance to communicate your unique impact in exactly the way your clients need.
  • Start communicating the transformative power of your service with a core message.

Week 5: Creating Your Messages

Establish a strong online presence. Learn to quickly connect with clients in a more meaningful way.

  • Receive step-by-step guidance to craft your tagline, headline and scroll-stopping signature offer.
  • Explain your value in seconds and learn how to test this.

Week 6: Creating Your Presence

Discuss recommended actions. Outline next steps to infuse personality into your brand’s communications and break them down into manageable chunks.

  • How to take the things we’ve worked on to uplevel your social media. 
  • Prioritize next steps so you can feel clear & confident on how to show up online.

PLUS these great bonuses!

The Seamless Worksheet Set

Worksheets for conducting self-assessments and market research to help identify your unique value.

Ready-to-Use Statements

25 transformation statements you can swipe or use as inspiration to create your own.

Persuasive Techniques

Common messaging mistakes to avoid so you can ensure your message is clear and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sharing my templates and structures for how I create winning strategies and I’ll be there with you every step of the way, helping to define your unique identity and positioning in a live and intimate group of your peers. When we’re not together on Zoom, all communication is done via email.


When you join The Message Makeover Workshop, you’ll receive:

  • Live group coaching calls, Q&As, challenges, exercises
  • Lifetime access to the entire Message Makeover training program – 6 core modules, weekly videos, worksheets and transcripts
  • PLUS Exclusive bonus pack worth over $1,000


The exercises will remove any doubts you may have about your personal brand and how to build a presence that stands out from the rest, but I’ve also included these bonuses:

  • Worksheets for conducting self assessments and research 
  • Ready-to-use statements to swipe or use as inspiration
  • Persuasive techniques & common mistakes to avoid


It get’s better…


To celebrate this Live Version of The Message Makeover Workshop, I’m giving away my LinkedIn playbook FOR FREE!

This will be your your ticket to personalized, high-impact prospecting that aligns seamlessly with your unique personal brand.

This isn’t your average workshop. Offered to the public only twice a year, this is a potent, game-changing experience that will help you step up your game and really stand out from the competition.

Yes. There is a cap on the number of attendees to ensure this remains intimate. 

Ideally, you’ll have around 5 years experience, but if you have less and you have some idea of who’d you like to work with and why, that’s fine too.

Some advisors have managed to work with a variety of people or know who they want to attract right out of the gate. If that’s you, then the Message Makeover Workshop will be a good fit. 

If you’re:

  • Looking for more clients or business partners to 10X your current business state.
  • Ready to jump in head first and do the work.
  • Ready to commit to growing and scaling a targeted audience that wants what you have to offer.


And you’re open to having some fun, then this is perfect for you!

This workshop is all about nailing down your brand and standing out from the crowd. This is about visibility! It’s your guide to shaping your identity and the messages that make it happen. The result? You’ll have everything ready to hand over to your creative team for the nitty-gritty tactical work. If this sounds like your jam, it’s time to kickstart your Growth Playbook.

And, if you’re eager to dive right in at our next live workshop, I’ll walk you through precisely what I hand off to my creatives and the step-by-step process behind it.

This is a ‘camera-on’ weekly series where we meet every Friday from 12pm – 1pm ET over Zoom. 

In 2023, our first session is Friday, Oct. 27th and our last session is Friday, Dec. 1st. 

For advisors who want more time with me, I’ll be staying on until 1:30pm ET. 

Yes. This is a live ‘camera-on’ incubator event every week for 6-weeks, but a recording will be made available immediately after each session. 

You’ll also have lifetime access to the entire Message Makeover training program – 6 core modules, weekly videos, worksheets and transcripts.

I’ve got your back! If, for any reason, you feel that the workshop isn’t quite meeting your expectations, here’s what I’ve got in store for you:

Full Refund: If you give it a shot for the first week and feel it’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry! I’ll provide a full refund, no questions asked.

Flexible Learning: I understand that everyone learns at their own pace. If you ever find yourself needing more time or extra support to grasp the concepts, just reach out to me. We’ll work together to ensure you get the most out of the workshop.

Your satisfaction is super important to me. I’m confident that my workshop will exceed your expectations, and I’m here to make sure you reach your goals. So, come join me with the peace of mind that your investment in your future is secure!

No knowledge of marketing or technical equipment is needed. Because no, I don’t choose a niche by the old school, black and white definition that “experts” preach. What brings my advisors together is their willingness to own who they are, and a driven attitude to go after what they want. With a little pushing from me of course. 

Sure thing, I’d love to give you the lowdown on the workshop and how it stacks up against my one-on-one experience:

  1. Tools and Techniques Galore: The workshop is all about arming you with the tools and techniques needed to rock your positioning in your field.

  2. DIY with a Helper: Instead of me doing all the heavy lifting for you, the workshop is about you rolling up your sleeves with my guidance. You’ll be the driver of your success.

  3. Group Vibes: Forget one-on-one chats, you’ll be mixing it up with a group of peers. It’s a great way to get feedback from fellow travelers on the same journey.

  4. Budget-Friendly: Here’s a perk – the workshop comes at a lower price tag, making it a more wallet-friendly option compared to our one-on-one sessions.

In a nutshell, the workshop is all about camaraderie, hands-on learning, and cost savings, with less of the done-for-you touch.

While I can’t guarantee it for sure, getting at least one client is pretty much 99% in the bag if you sign up. The work we do together will absolutely make you more excited about marketing your business (imagine that) and clear about what you want to say.

100%! We’ll have Q&As, challenges and exercises on our live group coaching calls. 

Yes. The deadline for registration is 11:59pm EST on Thursday Oct. 26th, 2023.

Submit your questions using the form on this website’s About page.

Join the Message Makeover Workshop for only

$1,750 USD

Early Bird Promo:

Anyone who signs up 5 days prior to the start date of the workshop also receives my LinkedIn Playbook for free!

This will be your ticket to personalized, high-impact prospecting that aligns seamlessly with your unique personal brand.

RIAs and MGAs: Click here to book a coffee with me to chat about a unique agreement for your team.

Ready to stand out?

The next workshop begins April 2024!

Ready to stand out?

The next 6-week workshop begins October 27th, 2023!

This is a ‘camera-on’ weekly series where we meet every Friday from 12pm – 1pm ET over Zoom.

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