The #1 mistake financial advisors make

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Money is emotional. The core of every decision, every aspiration, and every setback? Emotion.  

What does this mean for advisors? Well, a great advisor offers their clients a better story about who they could be. Let me explain. 

Your story should position you as the guide and your clients as the hero.

Agreed, BUT I have a caveat I wanna share.

It’s not about how great YOU are. And it’s not about how great THEY are, either.

Your story should be an invitation to consider how great they COULD be.

Confused? Let me put it this way: You’re not going to convince anyone with logic. That’s not how decision-making works.

And you’re dead wrong if you think you’re only getting to know clients on a personal level because that’s how behaviour change happens.

What you’re REALLY offering as a financial advisor

What you’re REALLY offering, and what they experience, is the opportunity to explore themselves.

A lot of people see advisors as ‘all-knowing’ guides. How’s that working out for the industry, you think? 

Sure, that holds a lot of power but it feels transactional, right?

If you don’t want a transactional practice, listen up. 

What you’re giving your clients is insight into themselves. Meaning around why they’ve made the choices they have and a personalized prescription for change.

And that’s WHY there should always be some element of vulnerability in your story. Because that’s how you meet your clients halfway.

Case study: Billy Zerillo

Take my client, Billy Zerillo. Billy struggled to find his voice and didn’t realize the significance of including his personal story in his branding and niche.

“Listening to Gary Vee and his advice to produce endless content made me think that sheer quantity

would lead to results. But it didn’t. Not really.” That’s a quote from Billy.

So what Billy was missing? An emotional connection built with his target audience from sharing his own experiences. 

The defining moment for Billy came when his origin story at last aligned with his target audience. This was the moment he saw the potential for genuine connection and resonance. 

Now, Billy works as a financial advisor who empowers women who are newly divorced regain confidence in their financial decisions.

Your true role as a financial advisor is to give your clients insights into why they’ve made the choices they have. And offer them a personalized prescription for change.

Make sense?

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Natalie Hales boasts more than a decade of financial marketing experience on both sides of the border. She specializes in helping advisors discover their niche, craft their positioning, and tell their stories to attract dream clients. Her unique expertise was honed through her work with renowned companies like Canada Life, and her superpower lies in crafting personalized brand strategies through her signature framework, The Niche FunnelTM. Personally touched by the transformative impact of financial guidance during a personal tragedy, Natalie is devoted to amplifying advisors’ potential and establishing them as unrivaled experts for their target audience.

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