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Your Niche Navigator score is 10%

You’re at the top of the Niche funnel and should focus on…


Identify and refine your target market

Natalie Hales Advisor Marketing

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself.”

- Peter Drucker

You’re at the top of the Niche Funnel - What this means

You have a lot of value to give your clients. But you’re looking for a way to attract the right people and convert sales.

You’re a relationship wizard and financial savant, but online you’re a bit lame. That’s okay, you took a lot of time to pump up those in-person skills and just need to bring up your online skills to match.

Right now…

you feel like your marketing strategies should be more effective. And you’re getting lost in a sea of other advisors.

Your marketing tactics...

are all over the place. You’re running yourself into the ground trying to appeal to a broad range of clients.

You might be creating content, but…

without a clear niche you’re worried you’re not resonating with anyone. And converting potential customers to actual ones is a drawn-out production.

If you skip niching and move onto either positioning or strategy, here’s what could happen

Your struggles:

High client acquisition cost. It’s taking too much to land new clients.

Constantly hunting for clients. It’s all outbound sales and not enough inbound.

Stuck wondering ‘What are my clients actually looking for?

Your audience wants:

To know who you help and how.

To know your superpower and why they should choose you.

To know you’re someone who understands their circumstances and has the expertise to support them.

How does niching help me win the right clients?

You might be like a lot of advisors who worry that by focusing on a small segment of clients, they’ll lose money. But actually, the opposite is true.

Instead of trying to speak to a large group of potential clients with one blanket message, choosing a strategic niche gives you a competitive advantage.

Getting specific about your clients with a compelling offer allows you to talk to your prospects in a more personalized way.

This increases your number of ideal clients and gives you an advantage over competitors who don’t speak to your niche.

Aligned and engaged clients you know on a personal level - these are the high value clients you want to fill your book of business with.

Niching means you’ll be able to focus on delivering your best service instead of exhausting yourself to serve everyone.

Here’s an example:

There are 20 financial advisors serving clients in the area where Joe and his wife, both realtors, are seeking financial guidance.

But one advisor specializes in working with realtors. ONE understands the unique financial challenges and opportunities that realtors face in their profession.

They have extensive knowledge of real estate investments, strategies to maximize income, and tax implications specific to realtors. ONE advisor has tailored their services to address the financial needs and goals of real estate professionals.

Who will you choose to guide you on your financial journey as a realtor?

Your Action Steps

How do you start narrowing in on your niche?

Ask yourself and the people who know you:
What are the top 5 skills you offer your clients that bring value?

You’ve put a lot of effort into developing your skills. Now’s the time to recognize them.

Knowing your skills in the context of how your clients view them will help you decide on the right niche. And you might be surprised with the results!

1. Reflect on your most positive experiences with your favorite clients. Read through your testimonials and any feedback you’ve received. What traits and skills did they appreciate about working with you?

2. Ask one colleague, one family member and one mentor for their perspective on your strengths: ‘What are 5 valuable skills you bring to the table when it comes to your work with clients?’ In this exercise, you’re looking for specifics, not broad personality traits. With these answers, you can begin to identify the patterns in your skillset and your most successful client relationships in a more objective way.

The types of skills you uncover will help you determine who you can best serve when deciding who your niche should be. Deciding to follow your interests or opportunities is just the start (and a teeny tiny taste!) of the process of defining your niche. Once you know where to invest your time…then you need to know how best to choose your niche and who to prioritize in your marketing.

The 1:1 advising program can help you fast-track that process.

Hi, I'm Natalie!

I’m a brand strategist for financial advisors who want to grow online. My work turns advisors into authorities.

I have more than 10 years’ experience in financial marketing, working for companies such as Canada Life, one of the largest and most reputable insurance and advice companies in Canada. During my time there, I honed the business strategy and marketing for Canada Life’s major clients, before pivoting to work with individual financial advisors and firms.

With my signature framework, the Niche FunnelTM, I can help you become known as the go-to financial expert for your audience.

Blending my expertise in business strategy and marketing creativity, I’ve created a systematic process for niching and transforming the way financial advisors build their brands and connect with their clients.

Niching is such an important part of growing your client book. That’s why I take an approach grounded in agile project management, to ensure we thoughtfully develop a niche that will support your client book and growth of your business.

What happens next?

Check your inbox for an email from yours truly. In the meantime, you’re welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn. I know you’re going to grow in leaps and bounds with a strong niche and it makes me incredibly proud to be a part of your journey.
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