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Your Niche Navigator score is 50%

You’re in the middle of the Niche funnel and should focus on…


Position your brand to resonate with your audience

Natalie Hales Advisor Marketing

“Your personal brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.”

- Jeff Bezos

You’re in the middle of the Niche Funnel: What this means

You build outstanding relationships in-person. But this isn’t coming across online.

Your clients learn they can trust you because of your friendly approach, integrity and honest advice. You genuinely care about the wellbeing of people and do your best to match your clients with the best financial advice to accomplish their life or business goals.

Right now…

no one’s commenting or interacting with what you share. And if they are, it’s not who you hoped for.

Your marketing tactics...

may be falling short if you don’t know how to share a message that’s different from your competitors. What you stand for isn’t coming across clearly.

You might be creating content, but…

ultimately, your ideal clients don’t know why they should trust you to solve their problems.

If you don’t have brand messaging but you move onto strategy, here’s what could happen

Your struggles:

Low engagement on your online content.

Uncertainty about how to take a stand without alienating others.

Constantly hunting for clients (and occasionally attracting the wrong ones).

Not showing you understand your ideal clients and empathize with their needs.

Your audience wants:

To trust you and understand your philosophies.

To know how you will uniquely solve their problem compared to another expert.

To know what you’re about in 8 seconds flat.

How will brand messaging help me with engagement?

When you dial in your messages, people know exactly what you do and why it’s valuable in seconds.

Crafting your brand messaging – on your website and social media – is vital if you want your audience to resonate with and trust you.

By investing in your messaging upfront, you’ll find your audience asks more questions, regularly consumes your content, and actively reaches out with their specific problems.

Active engagement from the right people can only happen if you’re very clear on how you help those people.

To start growing your book of business, start narrowing your brand message.

Your Action Step

How can you grow your book of business with brand messaging?

Make it easier for potential clients to find you.

Do you know what words your ideal client would use to find you or talk about what they need?

When searching for a financial advisor, prospective clients use a variety of keywords and phrases. For example, they may use specific keywords related to the financial services they are looking for, such as “tax planning”, “estate planning” or “insurance planning.”

Or they may type into Google keywords like “wealth manager near me”, “investment advisor”, “financial advisor Canada” or “best financial advisor”.

The most effective way to rank higher on social or web search results is to use the keywords your ideal client would use to find you in your online materials.

That doesn’t mean it needs to be boring – your headline could say Best Financial Advisor According to Your Mom.

Keywords help you get more views from your target audience. But it also shows you’re listening to their pain points and desire for a particular outcome.

Here are some tips:

1. Scatter these keywords strategically throughout your website and social media profiles.

2. Include the keywords in your headline if possible.

3. Focus on the specific issues they’re having. What products and services do you offer that relate to their core challenges? Make sure the link between their problem and what you offer is clear.

Once you know where to invest your time…then you need to know how to craft compelling messages for your brand and where to use them.

The 1:1 advising program can help you fast-track that process.

Hi, I'm Natalie!

I’m a brand strategist for financial advisors who want to grow online. My work turns advisors into authorities.

I have more than 10 years’ experience in financial marketing, working for companies such as Canada Life, one of the largest and most reputable insurance and advice companies in Canada. During my time there, I worked with top financial experts and large clients like IKEA, Nordstrom and Weston to brand their retirement savings programs and increase employee enrollment.

With my signature framework, the Niche FunnelTM, I can help you become known as the go-to financial expert for your audience.

Blending my expertise in business strategy and marketing creativity, I’ve created a systematic process for niching and transforming the way financial advisors build their brands and connect with their clients.

What happens next?

Check your inbox for an email from yours truly. In the meantime, you’re welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn. I know you’re going to grow in leaps and bounds with a strong niche and it makes me incredibly proud to be a part of your journey.
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